Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Todays happenings

Just a normal day really, went to school, came home, tended to the goo's, checked Joe's tail and then at about 6:00 I let them out for 45 minutes. Haven't done anything out of the ordinary, but I would like to say that Joe's tail is getting much better and he is back to his normal self, there is evidence of chewing on his tail because most of it is basically dead and dried up and at the end it's split into two, meaning it's been chewed! I'm so glad he isn't in pain any more, and also I was able to hold him long enough to touch it without him being bothered. Joe managed to run into my camera while I was laid down, he's such a divvy sometimes!

I'd just like to add, Olly got trapped in my pillow case and I was looking for him for a few minutes, I had no idea where he went, then I saw my pillow moving! LOL

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