Monday, 14 February 2011

Terrible news

Hey guys, last night something happened, to Joe my degu. Well last night he got out, and I was looking for him and saw him run under my bed, so I ran and saw him sitting on the card board so I went to grab him, he ran under my legs and I heard a squeak and he ran out blood everywhere. I was terrified, and then I moved my legs and there it was, the end of his beautiful tail :( I couldn't believe it, I grabbed him and popped him back in his cage. At this point he didn't seem upset or hurt but he may have been hiding it. There was blood everywhere and I felt so terrible, I couldn't get to sleep last night from guilt. Anyway I got a cup of warm water and added some salt and tried to put his tail inside the cup but he wasn't having any of it, so I put him back and since then he seemed to be fine. I went to the cage before bed and noticed more blood, which means I think he's been biting at it which I heard is normal! When I came in from school today I tried to tab his tail with some warm salty water again and got a good few wipes and he's back in his cage. Sorry that this post isn't the most pleasant.

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