Friday, 18 February 2011

Little update

Hello, I haven't posted in the last few days because I've been very busy, I have been doing some science coursework that had to be in today (I've done quite well on it, sir said..) and I have been doing my AiDA work which was supposed to be in for today but I finished yesterday! I hope all your furry friends are doing good, Joe's tail is good, he's been chewing it and I am able to touch it without him going crazy! Olly is doing well too, been active and everything, both eating and drinking well. Anyway just a short post for today!

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Todays happenings

Just a normal day really, went to school, came home, tended to the goo's, checked Joe's tail and then at about 6:00 I let them out for 45 minutes. Haven't done anything out of the ordinary, but I would like to say that Joe's tail is getting much better and he is back to his normal self, there is evidence of chewing on his tail because most of it is basically dead and dried up and at the end it's split into two, meaning it's been chewed! I'm so glad he isn't in pain any more, and also I was able to hold him long enough to touch it without him being bothered. Joe managed to run into my camera while I was laid down, he's such a divvy sometimes!

I'd just like to add, Olly got trapped in my pillow case and I was looking for him for a few minutes, I had no idea where he went, then I saw my pillow moving! LOL

Monday, 14 February 2011

Terrible news

Hey guys, last night something happened, to Joe my degu. Well last night he got out, and I was looking for him and saw him run under my bed, so I ran and saw him sitting on the card board so I went to grab him, he ran under my legs and I heard a squeak and he ran out blood everywhere. I was terrified, and then I moved my legs and there it was, the end of his beautiful tail :( I couldn't believe it, I grabbed him and popped him back in his cage. At this point he didn't seem upset or hurt but he may have been hiding it. There was blood everywhere and I felt so terrible, I couldn't get to sleep last night from guilt. Anyway I got a cup of warm water and added some salt and tried to put his tail inside the cup but he wasn't having any of it, so I put him back and since then he seemed to be fine. I went to the cage before bed and noticed more blood, which means I think he's been biting at it which I heard is normal! When I came in from school today I tried to tab his tail with some warm salty water again and got a good few wipes and he's back in his cage. Sorry that this post isn't the most pleasant.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Todays happenings

So I've been at my Granddads for the weekend and came home a few hours ago, came to see the little guys and they looked pretty bored as my mum took the wheel out last night and decided not to put it back in this morning, so I was pretty annoyed. I tried to put the wheel back in but annoyingly it just wouldn't.. it kept falling off the side of the cage and as I can't stretch my arms all the way round the back of the cage I couldn't hold it in place... so I decided I'd give my cage a bit of a move around, I took the wheel and one of the shelves and swapped them round, and Joe seemed to love sitting on it.
You may have not seen it before so it's basically a waste to even look at it... but you get the idea, it's much easier to put the wheel on the other side of the cage. So as I was doing the cage I let them have a wonder around my bedroom, and after I'd finished I took some pictures.

These two are my favourite images I took, I will be adding them to my album. I'd just like to say if anyone isn't sure about getting Degus or any rodents do it. If you have enough money for a cage, food every few weeks and bedding every so often do it! I wasn't sure about Degus because of their diet but it's really not that hard :) Make sure you adopt from a breeder (or buy) and don't buy from large pet stores, small local pet stores may be okay but check where they get them from and don't forget rescues :)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Guinea Cage

So like I said I am making my own guinea pig cage from 'Hardwood Plywood' in a few weeks/months, when I've saved up and I made some plans using google sketchup (which is surprisingly easy to use) and here they are;

It's a rough draft really, basic shapes to get the idea but the structure is there, and knowing me it will look literally nothing like it. I'd just like to say I got the idea from a cage on youtube called 'Camp David' and I found it so amazing I had to steal the shape and the idea to make a 3D model which I've always wanted to do but thought it would be so hard and impossible! :$ you can find it here.

EDIT: I've added a to scale model of the cage :)


Hello, I am a rodent owner and this is my blog. I have made it because I would like to post about being the owner of rodents. I guess it may sound stupid but sometimes it's nice to express any feelings I am having and seeing if anyone else has the same feelings. Of course if this turns out to be a massive fail I'll feel like a total idiot and delete the blog!

My names Mike and I currently own two Degus named Joe and Olly. Olly is the dominant degu, he's always lieing on top of Joe, strutting around the cage like he owns it... I am planning on getting two or three guinea pigs when I move house next month (or the month after that...) and build my own cage out of wood and perspex glass. It will be a two story cage, first being a L shape, 120 x 50cm and on the side another 70 x 50cm. The top will be a large 50 x 50cm kitchen area. I'll maybe post an image of a 3D model I created, it's not to scale and it's out of proportion as I changed my mind on the size. I also have a youtube channel with some videos of my degus, here, not that it's very popular...

Here is a picture of Joe and Olly;