Saturday, 12 February 2011


Hello, I am a rodent owner and this is my blog. I have made it because I would like to post about being the owner of rodents. I guess it may sound stupid but sometimes it's nice to express any feelings I am having and seeing if anyone else has the same feelings. Of course if this turns out to be a massive fail I'll feel like a total idiot and delete the blog!

My names Mike and I currently own two Degus named Joe and Olly. Olly is the dominant degu, he's always lieing on top of Joe, strutting around the cage like he owns it... I am planning on getting two or three guinea pigs when I move house next month (or the month after that...) and build my own cage out of wood and perspex glass. It will be a two story cage, first being a L shape, 120 x 50cm and on the side another 70 x 50cm. The top will be a large 50 x 50cm kitchen area. I'll maybe post an image of a 3D model I created, it's not to scale and it's out of proportion as I changed my mind on the size. I also have a youtube channel with some videos of my degus, here, not that it's very popular...

Here is a picture of Joe and Olly;

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