Sunday, 13 February 2011

Todays happenings

So I've been at my Granddads for the weekend and came home a few hours ago, came to see the little guys and they looked pretty bored as my mum took the wheel out last night and decided not to put it back in this morning, so I was pretty annoyed. I tried to put the wheel back in but annoyingly it just wouldn't.. it kept falling off the side of the cage and as I can't stretch my arms all the way round the back of the cage I couldn't hold it in place... so I decided I'd give my cage a bit of a move around, I took the wheel and one of the shelves and swapped them round, and Joe seemed to love sitting on it.
You may have not seen it before so it's basically a waste to even look at it... but you get the idea, it's much easier to put the wheel on the other side of the cage. So as I was doing the cage I let them have a wonder around my bedroom, and after I'd finished I took some pictures.

These two are my favourite images I took, I will be adding them to my album. I'd just like to say if anyone isn't sure about getting Degus or any rodents do it. If you have enough money for a cage, food every few weeks and bedding every so often do it! I wasn't sure about Degus because of their diet but it's really not that hard :) Make sure you adopt from a breeder (or buy) and don't buy from large pet stores, small local pet stores may be okay but check where they get them from and don't forget rescues :)

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