Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Guinea Cage

So like I said I am making my own guinea pig cage from 'Hardwood Plywood' in a few weeks/months, when I've saved up and I made some plans using google sketchup (which is surprisingly easy to use) and here they are;

It's a rough draft really, basic shapes to get the idea but the structure is there, and knowing me it will look literally nothing like it. I'd just like to say I got the idea from a cage on youtube called 'Camp David' and I found it so amazing I had to steal the shape and the idea to make a 3D model which I've always wanted to do but thought it would be so hard and impossible! :$ you can find it here.

EDIT: I've added a to scale model of the cage :)

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  1. Would the rodent not "eat"the wood ├žage!???